Building a 3D Printer

How I built a printer, made my own modifications, and started a small business.

This was a personal project that I undertook in the spring of 2015, my sophmore year. 3D printers were just beginning to become rather popular at the time, and I was fascinated by the ability that they afford to create. After building the printer, I exhibited a booth at Imagine RIT to share with others the capabilites of desktop 3D printing.

Soon after I found 3D Hubs, a website where users can host their printers to commission out to local communites. Through this platform I offer 3D printing services to local small businesses, RIT faculty, and students in addition to it being a creative outlet for my own designs and ideas.


March of 2015

I ordered a kit off of, and got to work assembling!

two three four five six

A mess of wires!


April of 2015

After getting the printer fully assembled and calibrated, I took it to Imagine RIT. A yearly event that the Rochester Institute of Technology hosts. I exhibited a booth about 3D printing to educate about and display desktop printers.

six six


After having the printer for a few months I decided to install some upgrades to improve performance. On the left is a brand new case. Having a case like this greatly reduces temperature variance inside the machine, which can help mitigate warping. As a result of this however I moved my electronics outside the case, and into a protective housing that I designed and printed! This is so the high internal temperatures of the machine don't damage the electronics. Lastly I upgraded my hotend to improve performance.