A drill for the infrequent DIY user

Establishing the market niche between power drills and electric screwdrivers for the Black and Decker brand.

My Junior Studio was a 15 week study of electric power drills, in which an emphasis was placed on designing around internal components and empirical design research.

I wanted a form that would communicate to the user that it is reliable, durable, and easily operated while retaining a universal design language. What I mean by that, is that this drill is designed to be used by and be appealing to, everyone. While it doesn't belong to the construction yard, it does feel comfortable within the home. The design is composed of two main forms. The primary being the black shell, that is encasing the secondary orange grip area. The soft orange rubber indicates the primary area the user would interact with the tool, and the black surrounding plastic offers the sense of durability if dropped.

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Sketches were further developed in clay to better understand the form of the drill and how the underlying primary shapes would interact. The armatures were created with the help of 3D printing.
Progression of SolidWorks models as I defined the form.
I found that combining the clay and 3D printed models was a great way to quickly iterate on the fit of the handle. On the right I was testing the fit of internal components, still needed a little more room for the wires!
A looks like, works like model was created to test with users the fit and aesthetics of the drill.

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