Let's work together!

Hello, my name is Zachary Olmsted, and I am an Industrial Design student from the Rochester Institute of Technology. With a minor in Philosophy, I am interested in critically examining design solutions and understanding the 'why' when developing concepts. I have always enjoyed creating and sharing things with others, and I believe that this is at the core of my design beliefs. While being at RIT I’ve learned a lot about what good design is, and to me good design starts and ends with the user. I have also found a passion for 3D printing and am excited about the creative opportunities afforded by this emerging technology.

I will be graduating this coming May in 2017, and I am currently seeking work in product development, consumer electronics, user-experience design, and things involving rapid prototyping or 3D printing.

If my work interests you, let’s find a way to collaborate! Please contact me through any of the links at the bottom of this page.